Friday, November 11, 2011

Meet Perry

Meet Perry Finley, AKA Our Hero, AKA Super Perry, AKA Perry Finley Internet Sensation. Perry comes in when he wants, contributes what he wants, and, as Vic plainly states, "We are blessed to have him as a part of the shop." He has helped Vic improve the products in stock, and he is a mainstay, go-to consultant for any project.

To Perry, bicycles are simply "A wonderful way to get around." When asked what first made him interested in bicycles as an adult, Perry says he never got away from bicycles so he didn't ever have to come back to them. When everyone in high school was getting cars and motorcycles, Perry got into that too, but he never stopped riding the bicycle either.

Perry has ridden his bicycle across the USA from Astoria, Oregon to Norfolk, Virginia. When he got done, he still felt like riding his bike, so he rode around the that part of the East Coast a little bit, going to Virginia Beach, then up to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and back down to Washington DC! He has also been a daily bicycle commuter for 25+ years. Perry has been involved with the Louisville Bicycle Club for the past five years, where he is an enthusiastic ride captain.

To Perry, Louisville is a great town for bicycling. He enjoys working on his bikes, as well as working with Vic, Justin and Beth at the shop. For the past three or four years he has become a fixed gear enthusiast. He says, "The fixed gear bike and the rider become one, and you have more feedback with the terrain." He also managed to survive this.

Perry works at the University of Louisville and is from Louisville. He is married to Anita Finley, who he has been with for 37 years! They have two children, Perry IV and Tilly.

By John Wade