Sunday, December 12, 2010

56cm Centurian Elite RS - $575 SOLD

Elite RS
Frame Size:
Frame Description:
Tange 2 tubing, forged dropouts
Wolber Super Champion Alpine rims laced to Suzue low flange alloy hubs with stainless steel spokes, quick release front and rear, Continental Gator Skin tires
Shimano 600 drive train, Dia Compe Royal S side pull brakes with Aero levers
Saddle & Seatpost:
Sakae alloy seat pillar with Vetta suede saddle
Bars & Stem:
Nitto Bars and Stem

52cm Bridgestone City Bike - $375

This practical bicycle features a versatile design, from the wide rack to the stainless steel fenders and convenient kickstand. The integrated rear rack provides support for a large saddle bag or serves as a platform to bungee items onto, and its extensions can hold a set of panniers for carrying a heavy load. The custom-designed rear-axel-mounted kickstand provides additional support at the rear of the bike so that the bike can remain standing with a load on the rack. From the coffee shop to the grocery store to campus, this bike will perform any task required with the performance of a classic Japanese 10 speed. You won’t find another one like it! And yeah, it has a way cool head badge.

City Bike
Frame Size:
Frame Description:
Lugged steel frame, with aluminum lugs.
26" chrome rims laced to high flange chrome hubs
Ten speed SunTour drive train with stem mounted shifters, Dia Compe side pull brakes with dual action levers
Saddle & Seatpost:
New planet bike saddle
Bars & Stem:
SR Bars and Stem

Sunday, December 5, 2010

63cm Schwinn Traveler

Make: Schwinn Traveler
Model: Traveler
Frame Size: 63cm
Frame Description: 63cm True Temper frame, forged dropouts, braze ons front and rear, Dia Compe side pull brakes
Wheels: 27' Weinmann alloy rims laced to low flange alloy hubs, quick release front and rear
Components: Sakae SX forged alloy crank, Shimano light action 12 speed drive train actuated with indexed down tube shifters
Saddle & Seatpost: Laprade alloy seat pillar with San Marco vinyl saddle
Bars & Stem: Sakae custom alloy bars and stem
Price: $475

59cm Raleigh Super Grand Prix - $400

Make Raleigh
Model Grand Prix
Frame Size 59cm
Frame Description 59cm Raleigh Grand Prix, 2030 High Carbon Tubing, Mink Blue, Brazeons front and rear for fenders, Chrome Fork tips
Wheels 27" Ukai alloy rims laced to low flange alloy hubs
Components Raleigh pantographed Sugino crank, Raleigh pantographed SunTour drive train, Weinmann 610 centerpull brakes with dual action levers
Saddle & Seatpost Brooks CR3 vinyl saddle
Bars & Stem Nitto B115 alloy bars with GB alloy stem
Price $400

61cm Trek 400 - $475

Frame Description 61cm tange 2001 Mangaloy double butted tubes, Burgandy, front and rear braze ons for fenders and racks, water bottle braze ons on down tube, SunTour GT forged drop outs

Wheels 27" Brand new Weinmann LP18 double wall rims, low flange alloy hubs with stainless steel spokes

Components SR Super custom forged alloy crank, Shimano light action drive train with Shimano Z401 downtube shifters, Dia-Compe 500 side pull brakes

Saddle and Seatpost Avocet saddle, alloy seatpost

Bars and Stem Alloy bars and stem

Sunday, November 28, 2010

1969 Raleigh Sport 3 Speed - $275

This charming gentleman's bike would be a perfect ride for your trip to the coffeeshop. This bicycle is in overall excellent condition, though there is some petina on the fender and chainguard. Orginal Brooks saddle in good condition. Original internal 3 Speed Sturmey Archer hub. Bicycle has been completely overhauled including hubs, which have been cleaned and repacked. New brake pads and cables have been installed.

54cm Schwinn Worldsport Women's Frame - $350

Newly restored 54cm Schwinn Worldsport Women's Frame - $350
Frame - 4130 cromoly double butted tubes with forged dropouts
Sakae SX
Shimano light action drive train actuated with stem shifters
27x1.25 Weinnman alloy rims laced to low flange alloy hubs
Quick release front and rear

50cm Mercier Mixte - $275

Newly Restored 50cm Mercier Mixte - $275
Luxtube frame
Chromed fork crown ends, chainstay and seatstay ends
Simplex drive train
Mafac racer brakes
Normandy high flange hubs laced to 27" chrome wheels

Shogun Mixte - $375

Now in stock - freshly restored 53cm Shogun Mixte - $375
Tange 900 Cr-Mo double butted tubing
Braze ons for racks and fenders
Sakae SA forged crank set
Shimano light action drive train
Shimano brakes
Araya 27" rims laced to Shimano low flange alloy hubs

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Raleigh Mixte - $425

Newly restored Raleigh Mixte now in stock!

• Suntour AR 12 speed drive train
• Forged crank
• DiaCompe side pull brakes with dual action levers
• 27" Weinmann alloy rims laced to Raleigh sealed bearing quick release hubs
• Panaracer Pasela tires

Sunday, October 17, 2010

New Bike Inventory - 52cm Mercian

New in stock – a 52cm Mercian. Mercian is a high end British bike manufacturer with a reputation for quality hand built frames. Those who appreciate rare artistically rendered lug work will drool. This bike is currently set up as a touring bike with Shimano Deore components, Shimano 105 hubs, Wolber Super Champion rims, and stainless steel spokes. This beauty would be an incredible holiday gift.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


The other Rivendell sitting un-used was this Romulus. I needed something that would be a little faster than my Heron to ride in Floyd Knobs, Indiana with my daughter who is a little faster than me and very competitive. It is equipped with an 8-speed DuraAce crank mounted to a Phil Wood bottom braket. 11-25-8 speed cassette, Ultegra hubs laced to Mavic Open Pro rims, and 32mm Panaracer Pasela tires. Tektro 536 brake calipers, Dura Ace brake levers, Dura Ace seat post, Nitto Technomic stem, 48cm Nitto Noodle bar wrapped with brooks honey bar tape to match the vintage Brooks professional saddle.
I had a top gear inch of 122 on the Heron, I now have 130 gear inches in a top gear on the Romulus, which gives me a ten mph gain.
I think my daughter would prefer I continue to use the Heron.

Fixed Gear Mania at Vic's Classic Bikes

Justin and Beth are both currently working on fixed gear bikes. Justin's is being built on a vintage Atala frame. Beth's is a Miyata Eighty SE. We'll be following Beth's progress step-by-step in subsequent blog posts. Vic is building 2 more fixed gears, 1 with a full chrome frame, the other a Raleigh Super Corse.

We also have several completed fixed gears for sale, sell fixed gear components, fixed gear cranks, cogs and anything else you would need to complete your build.

Powder coating services are available, and the color choices are endless.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Rare Lugged Steel Trek 950 Mountain Bike

The Grandfather of all mountain bikes, a 1989 Trek 950 20" frame. Matrix rims laced to Shimano hubs with stainless steel spokes. Shimano mountain LX drive train, Shimano cantilever brakes. This bicycle has been converted to comfort high rise handlebars (original bars and stems included in sale). This bicycle also features a unique two-legged center stand for better balance when parked. Bicycle sold new in 1989 at Bicycle Sport for $529 (original receipt and owner's manual included). Selling now for $450.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday September 26th Ride

We met at the shop at 9:30am. Attendees were: Justin Hughes, Ryan O'Driscoll, David Prowell, the mysterious Tim, Nicholas Miller, and myself. We left the shop heading west on Christy, and followed Breckenridge to 9th street. We rode the river walk trail west into Portland. We traveled back East to pick up a tardy rider at Joe's crab shack and continued eastward along the bike path into Butchertown, following the Beargrass trail to Grinstead Drive and back to the shop. The weather was gorgeous.

The Quickbeam

I realize I have two Rivendales that have been sitting in the shop for nearly a year are not being ridden. Of course that will not do. I bought the Quickbeam frame set and wheels on ebay and built the bike up as close to stock as I could. I did use a moustache handlebar which is not stock. The moustache bar made the bike uncomfortable. I rode it several times and never stopped to change the gearing. So, when I reworked it I pulled the Quickbeam crank off and replaced it with a Sugino single speed crank. I switched the wheelset to a set with Phil Wood hubs, Mavic A719 rims with 14 guage straight guage spokes and brass nipples (wheels that will stand up to a 200 pound rider). Switched out the Nitto stem and moustache bars for a Nitto lugged stem, Soma Noah's Arc bar, Oury grips, and Cane Creek flat top break levers. I added my old Brooks flyer special saddle that I had punched and lace to reduce spreading, a Pintle chain and vintage Shimano 600 pedals. Added a blackburn Crossrack for increased utility. This bike is now extremely comfortable and is one of my new favorite bikes.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Beth's Nishiki Mixte Makeover

Beth brought in a late '70s Nishiki Olympic Mixte, originally gold with turquoise accents.

The frame was sent out for sandblasting and powdercoating (to match the original turquoise). We installed new VO Belleville handlebars, Nitto Technomic stem, Dia Compe inverse brake levers, down tube mounted gear shifters, VO hammered fenders, Nitto rear rack, and finally a Brooks B18 Lady saddle and brown leather bar tape. This bike really turns heads.