Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Centurion Pro-Tour

"The Pro Tour also appeared in the late 1970s and survived 
into the mid-1980s. It is a gem, perhaps the nicest 
mass-produced touring bike ever..."

-Ashley Wright,  writing on Sheldon Brown's "Harris Cyclery"

This bicycle is 59 cm center-to-top. It is in like-new condition. We even have the original owner’s manual!
It has braze-ons on either side of the forks for the centerpull brakes to attach--this feature is not often found in production bikes, and it decreases arm flex as the brake grabs the wheel. The calipers and levers are Dia-Compe.

This bike has a SR Apex triple crank with a half-step between the first two rings, and a "granny gear" for serious touring. By the way, Gary Fisher says "Someone gave a lot of thought to this bike."

This bicycle has a SunTour Cyclone rear derailleur and SunTour bar end shifters. These were top of the line in the height of SunTour awesomeness. These components could go up against any other company's components from the same year (yes, SunTour is a great component company. Read their story here).
The whole bike is chrome under the pain--you can see the chrome lugwork. And check out that pin striping!

This bicycle is in like-new condition. The vintage saddle will be exchanged for a new Brooks B17.

You can also read about the Centurion Pro-Tour on Wikipedia

This bicycle is available for purchase. $1,400. That is in like-new condition, for about what it cost new, adjusted for inflation.

By John Wade