Saturday, September 3, 2011


PUCH FORCE XII 1987 model Reynolds 531 tubing, Weinman 605 side pull brakes with drilled levers. Shifters, derailleurs, hubs, crank all Suntour. Saddle Selle Royal Sprint suede. Wolber alloy rims with eylets. World custom pantagraphed handlebar.

The unique thing about this bike is that it only had one other owner, olympic swimmer Rachel Komisarz. It was bought new in a size too large, ridden twice then placed into climate-controlled storage. The bike is therefore basically new. The rims show no sign of brake wear, tires show no sign of dry rot. A small tear on the leather bar wrap which I covered with hemp twine. A great bike practically off the shop floor.

This bicycle is available for purchase. $850.

by John Wade

Monday, August 29, 2011


Mey Tseng has ridden our 50cm Surly Pacer instead of our Nishiki to victory in the 2011 Louisville Ironman!

Mey raised money and traveled to Louisville to compete, as an amateur, in her first-ever Ironman. She successfully completed the three stages in under 17 hours, making her an Ironwoman!

Unfortunately, the Nishiki's new "brifters" just would not work perfectly. After going so far as to call Shimano, Vic just was not satisfied with the performance. The Tuesday morning before the Ironman, he ordered a Surly Pacer and then built it up by Sunday.

Mey says it worked out great, and she loved the bike!

by John Wade

Sunday, August 28, 2011


Recently I bought this bicycle with a matching woman's bicycle at a picnic. What a great place to buy a bike! It is a "Deluxe Sports Tourist" with a coaster brake! Remember the coaster brake from your childhood bicycle?

To set it up, I bought an extra-long quill for the extra-small diameter steerer tube, fixed the fenders and tightened the chain.

Bicycles are great because they are such efficient, simple machines. I like this bicycle because it doesn't have a whole lot of mechanisms and wires running all over it.

Also, it is not necessary to replace the drive train (chain and rear cassette) often, as is needed with geared bicycles that see a lot of use. It has fenders for the rain and will make a great, dependable commuting bicycle for under ten mile trips.

by John Wade