I enjoy restoring vintage road bikes. Specifically lugged steel frames which were state of the art in the 70's and 80's. Inventory is constantly changing but on a given day, I'll have a wide selection of brands and sizes. Raleighs, Schwinns, Peugeots, Nishike, Motobecane, Puch, and others. All my bikes receive a complete overhaul, including bearing systems, brakes, derailleurs, wheels trued, tires, tubes, and cables as needed. Each bike comes with one year free service and a free tune up after your first season of riding. With the addition of our website, this blog will now be used to highlight special builds and other shop news at Vics Classic Bikes. Prices start at $300. Thanks for stopping by and visiting the blog!

My process begins with the careful selection of a quality vintage lugged steel road bicycle. The bike must be a quality "bike shop" brand (Schwinn, Raleigh, Peugeot, Nishiki, etc.) and be in overall good condition.

* Each bike is completely dissembled.
* The frame is cleaned and waxed.
* All components are thoroughly cleaned, polished and lubricated.
* All bearing systems (head set, bottom bracket and hubs) are cleaned, carefully inspected and worn parts replaced when necessary, greased, reassembled and properly adjusted.
* The wheels are trued and spookes tensioned.
* Rims, spokes, and hubs cleaned and polished.
* Handle bars are wrapped with traditional cotton bar tape, finished with hemp twine and shellac.

The bike is reassembled with new tires, tubes, rim strips and cables, then tuned for peak performance.