Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday September 26th Ride

We met at the shop at 9:30am. Attendees were: Justin Hughes, Ryan O'Driscoll, David Prowell, the mysterious Tim, Nicholas Miller, and myself. We left the shop heading west on Christy, and followed Breckenridge to 9th street. We rode the river walk trail west into Portland. We traveled back East to pick up a tardy rider at Joe's crab shack and continued eastward along the bike path into Butchertown, following the Beargrass trail to Grinstead Drive and back to the shop. The weather was gorgeous.

The Quickbeam

I realize I have two Rivendales that have been sitting in the shop for nearly a year are not being ridden. Of course that will not do. I bought the Quickbeam frame set and wheels on ebay and built the bike up as close to stock as I could. I did use a moustache handlebar which is not stock. The moustache bar made the bike uncomfortable. I rode it several times and never stopped to change the gearing. So, when I reworked it I pulled the Quickbeam crank off and replaced it with a Sugino single speed crank. I switched the wheelset to a set with Phil Wood hubs, Mavic A719 rims with 14 guage straight guage spokes and brass nipples (wheels that will stand up to a 200 pound rider). Switched out the Nitto stem and moustache bars for a Nitto lugged stem, Soma Noah's Arc bar, Oury grips, and Cane Creek flat top break levers. I added my old Brooks flyer special saddle that I had punched and lace to reduce spreading, a Pintle chain and vintage Shimano 600 pedals. Added a blackburn Crossrack for increased utility. This bike is now extremely comfortable and is one of my new favorite bikes.