Thursday, December 22, 2011

55cm Windsor Carerra Sport

During the 1970s and 1980s, Acre-Mex manufactured Windsor bicycles under the direction of Remo Vecchi. Vecchi had formerly worked as a builder for Cinelli in Italy. The Carerra Sport model features chromoly tubes, Sun Tour forged dropouts, striking chrome head lugs and Sun Tour components. It also has Sunshine high flange hubs laced to Windsor branded alloy rims.

Our freshly restored Windsor had been stored indoors by its sole owner and is now available for $550.

Sunday, December 18, 2011


Justin remembers: he can tell you most everything you might want to know about classic lugged steel road bikes. Although he has only really been working on bikes for a few years, Justin already has the knowledge of the passionate hobbyist, and he is ready to answer most any question with information and enthusiasm.

Justin holds degrees in finance, hotel management, culinary arts, and accounting. He goes to see local music and plays his own, drinks bourbon, works on bicycles in his garage, and works full-time as an accountant.

He plays electric guitar in the band Dallas Alice, named after the character in the song Willin’ by Little Feat.

Out on the road late last night,
Seen my pretty Alice in every head light
Alice, Dallas Alice

Justin once visited 17 out of 24 restaurants over 350 miles of the North Carolina Historic Barbecue Trail. That means driving 350 miles and eating 17 meals that look something like this:

Even with all these hobbies, he still has time to cook for his wife Tiffany. In fact, I have been over to their house and managed to catch a few of those "everyday" meals, and was so impressed I had to record two for posterity:

Justin is a great guy, who is likeable to all, and his wide-ranging, sincere interests makes him a singularly interesting guy too.

by John Wade