Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Vic Attacked by Pack of Wilding Youths!

I arrived at my shop in the Highlands about 9:15 this morning looking forward to getting out for a 20 mile ride before opening the shop at noon. After taking care of a few chores, such as walking the dog, checking email, etc and I was out the door on the fixed-gear bicycle before 10:00am.

This ride takes me west on Christy to Barett, then a block north to pick up Breckenridge and continue west towards downtown. After passing under the railroad overpass on Breckenridge and continuing a few blocks through stop signs and lights, I was traveling slow at 5 to 10 mph. At about Shelby Street I noticed a group of 6 to 8 youths (late teens, early 20s) spreading into the street ahead of me.

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Their attention seemed maliciously focused at another youth on the other side of the street heading away from them. I heard some raised voices and shouting and things were looking like a disturbance of some sort.

I wondered if I should turn and avoid the street in front of me. I decided to veer to the left side of the street away from the group and proceed. As I crossed the intersection at Shelby, the attention of several in the group turned towards me and I heard one say,

"Get the guy on the bike!"

The young man closest to me was 2 or 3 strides away. At that instant I put everything I had into accelerating, veering to the left and ducking my assailants blow. He lunged and attempted a close line type manuever towards my throat. I ducked so the main force of the blow hit me in the helmet and sun glasses, and I felt him against my side trying to get a grip.

He caught on and was able to pull my new iphone from my hip.

As I broke free of him I heard several shoes hitting the ground just behind me as the pack gave chase. I suspect that if I had been on a geared bike instead if a fixed-gear, I might not have escaped.

I continued on at full speed looking for a policeman. At about 3rd street, I saw a city inspector getting into her truck. I told her what happened, she called 911 and soon there were 2 patrol cars there and a report to file.

I went back to the shop, got the car, and was off to Verizon for a new iphone.

All in all, a harrowing experience...I am lucky to be writing this from my shop and not a hospital bed.

Victor Miller