Monday, September 19, 2011

Custom Surly Single-Speed

Eloy wanted a bike for short trips around town. He and his wife already have bikes that they use for long rides, but he wanted something simple for under five mile trips. He came in thinking about building a three speed 29er mountain bike, but after numerous discussions with Vic and much thought, decided instead to build this single-speed Surly Steamroller.

Vic advised investment in and hand built this monster wheelset. The Velocity Dyad rims have been laced with DT Swiss double-butted stainless steel spokes to Velo Orange high flange track hubs. This is a light-weight, high-performance, extremely durable wheelset for Eloy's 200 pounds.

If you think it looks like a monster now, wait until Eloy removes all the decals, as he plans to do immediately for an all black and silver look.

by John Wade