Tuesday, July 3, 2012

"Product Testing" Brake Levers Odyssey & TRP

I ride several bikes with riser handlebars. I like to chop off a little of the length at the ends of the bars.  The handlebar, grips, and brake levers all come together to form the cockpit area to make clean looking bike. I like two brands of brake levers... Odyssey & TRP, both in the BMX style.  They are small, nice looking.  Both levers work great, with a nod to Odyssey for braking force applied. TRP levers are super slick and  nicely polished. Odyssey uses replaceable brass bushings and includes an extra set of bushings. TRP uses sealed bearings, a forged bracket, and a lever. The levers are available for right and left configuration. So the next time you are setting-up your Fixie or Super Sweet Single speed take a look at these brake levers. Thanks for checking in... see you on road.

by Perry