Friday, June 15, 2012

"Product Testing" Finish Line Ceramic Grease

Working around the shop overhauling bottom brackets, wheel bearings, headsets, lubing stems, pedals threads, seat posts, and  bolts threads. I could name a few more but why!!! Requires one to apply grease to these parts. This is like re-living childhood... getting to play with a substance (grease) that ends up everywhere, where you intend for it to go and every place in between. After years of experience handling and working with  various brands, multitudes of colors grease is not the same. The feedback in your fingers of what is good in the way of grease (the way in feels... tackiness, sticky, thick or thin, smooth texture, stringy). Life is an ongoing process... so are new cycling products today its grease. Synthetic grease with teflon-infused ceramic nano-bits, what's not to love? The color is white it has a nice clean look. The feel is right! This product works with steel or ceramic bearings that's a plus. Time will tell how good it really is. I need to go clean-up... thanks for checking in.
by Perry