Sunday, September 25, 2011

Concord Pro 1 Gets a Face Lift

I acquired and restored this bicycle about 2 years ago. The Pro 1 was the top of the line for Concord. I was wondering why this bike had not sold. As I studied the bike it just had no panash.
So into the rack it went. I had originally left the thick-form bar covers on and wrapped over them with black cloth. The white finish on the paint was rather dull. The brake calipers and cables were just dull and tired looking. Just difficult to get excited about. Soooo......

I took the brake calipers apart for a thorough polishing to a bright shine.

Off came the bar wrap, brake calipers, and cables. A little polishing compound and wax brought the finish on the frame up to standard. Chrome polish to the chrome and now it shines like new.

Yellow, Yellow, Yellow. Replaced the black rivited saddle with a brite yellow one. Yellow cable housing & yellow cloth bar tape with several coats of schellac.