Friday, August 19, 2011

Bicycling Across Generations

Jonathan Capps found his Dad's old bicycle in the barn. He thought he saw a diamond in the rough, and he was right!

At Vic's Classic Bikes, we love it when quality bicycles see multiple generations of riders. Unfortunately, many consumer goods today, even high-end consumer goods, are not built to last nor to be repairable. This Raleigh Super Course was both!


This week I went through a pile of old bicycles at my uncle's house (or more properly, his garage) and came out with these two bicycles for my cousins, who just left for college yesterday. The one on the right is a Trek 820 hybrid bicycle with 700 wheels. It actually has a sweet enough steel frame.

The male cousin will be riding Mom's old bike while the female cousin will be riding Dad's.

A friend of mine from the Netherlands lived in California for a year. A story he would tell me that was supposed to illustrate something about America was how, in California, he bought a used woman's bicycle and thought he got a great deal because it was only fifteen bucks. In the Netherlands, if a bicycle can move forward, it costs real money. Everyone cycles, so there is kind of an infinite demand for working bicycles. He soon learned a valuable lesson; in America, males will be made fun of for riding a woman's bicycle. He has never forgotten being constantly harassed for his purchase.

Real men can take it.

By John Wade