Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sunday Group Bicycle Ride in Louisville

Come ride any Sunday morning!

As any bicyclist knows, riding a bicycle can be a joyful experience. Riding bikes together with friends compounds that joy, and dangerous car drivers can make it disappear. Group rides magnify and combine your enthusiasm with that of fellow bicycle enthusiasts while protecting you, to some extent, from unsafe drivers. So come bike with us, there's safety in numbers!

Lisa Todd will protect you!

Last weekend was another great Sunday morning ride starting at 9am at Vic's Classic Bikes on Baxter. Many different groups take it at different speeds on this leisurely, 22 mile route. This makes it perfectly suited to anyone who has always wanted to try a group ride but hasn't gone for it yet because they don't know if they can keep up.

Here is the map of the ride:

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There were many familiar faces from the Louisville Bicycle Club as well as some first-time riders and first-time bicycles, including this chromed-out Schwinn ridden by Justin Hughes and to be featured in a later post.

Come out and cycle!

by John Wade