Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Bridgestone XO-2

When the XO-2 arrived at the shop it created quite a stir. Many of us around the shop are devotees of Grant Peterson of Rivendell Bicycle Works. The XO series was GP's legacy at Bridgestone Bicycles before he left to found RBW.

This 48cm, pristine example showed up on the Louisville CL site with an incorrect price. Seller was deludged with replys and pulled the add. I was able to contact seller, make a fair offer, and bring this bike into our collection. This bicycle originally came with the controversial "moustache" handlebars, as you can see here,

How it looks now, with bar-end shifters,

As soon as it arrived at the shop everyone seemed to want to work on it. Perry inflated the tires and did a quick tune up. It is in Beth's size so she took it out for its maiden ride. All went well but on its second outing it blew a tire. Back into the shop where it sat for a day or two before Justin and Beth started dismantling it.

A thorough inspection revealed a bike that had seen little use. All bearings in like new condition. Wheels trued up nicely. There was some evidence of some rough shifting with a few broken teeth on the chain rings. A complete set of Salsa rings was ordered as well as a set of stainless steel Giles Bertoud fenders. Panaracer Pasella TG tires were installed.

Bike is back together, next we will install the fenders and a vintage Jim Blackburn rear rack to increase the usefulness of the bike.

It is my personal desire for Beth to take a shine to this bike and make it her commuter. That way it will be a part of the shop into the future.

If Beth doesn't lay claim to this Bicycle it will be available for purchase for $1000.00.

More pictures to come with fenders & rack...