Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hanquapillar shoot; New lighting

Special thanks to Beth for comming in last night to take these shots. I will take this oppportunity to discuss the lighting in greater detail. Personaly I am annoyed by anything being routed, especially wiring along the bicycle frame. However I was not comfortable asking to drill holes in a new Rivendell frame. So here is the solution that Steve and I setteled on. A Sanyo H27 dyno hub powering Bush & Miller Lumotec front-Toplight rear. This system gives Steven dependable and sufficient bright light to fill his needs when out after dark. With the lights mounted at the wheel top level they provide maximum visability to motorist. Both lights use a dual strand harness with the rear light being connected through and swiched by the headlight. I did not want to cut any of the harness off in the event of future light placement needing more wire. So on the front harness I doubled up the excess wire in a loop inside a piece of shrink tube zip tied to the inside of the fork blade. The harness was then routhe under the 2 existing zip ties holding on the computer sending unit. A short distance up the fork blade the front & rear harnesses join through another shrink tube and both terminate at the head light. The rear harness continues up to the fork crown where it passes through small fender stay mount screwed to the top of the crown with an existing bolt. From the fork crown to the underside of the center tube. For the run the length of the center tube I cut a piece of straight wire about the guage of a coat hanger just short of the length of the center tube. Both the wire and the harness were then covered with a series of shrink tubes and then zip tied to the under side of the center tube. I then fashioned a L brace with the same wire used under the center tube. This bracket can be seen routed up the back side of the seat tube, crossing above the tire to the left seat stay. The final fun is under the top of the rear rack to the tail light again using wire for stifness under shrink tubes.

I also want to thank Penny at Peter White Cycles for help in selecting the components used on this project. All lighting as well as the wheel build was provided by Peter White Cycles.